Monday, 18 February 2013

I didn't know bunnies were adventurers!

Hello, and welcome once more to Of Stories and Dreams!

Apologies for missing last night's post, but allow me to make up for it.

Let's take a look into another webcomic today, one about a girl with thirst for adventure, and a boy without it, who happen to find themselves in a quest to defeat great evil!

I am talking about

Created by the talented Gigi D.G. and drawing from stories such as Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (an admitted favourite by the author), Cucumber Quest is a lighthearted webcomic following the (mis)adventures of Cucumber, the reluctant Legendary Hero and his sister the much-more-heroic Almod who are on a mission to save Dreamside from the plotting of the evil queen Cordelia, who plans to resurrect the evil Nightmare Knight to take over the world!

Our heroes

But not only is the story a fun and intriguing ride, the artwork in the comic itself is gorgeous. Beautiful landscapes, detailed characters and in a couple of occasions , even an art shift into lovlingly-made paper cutouts to narrate an old legend. If that isn't devotion to your work, I don't know what is.

Just look at these. Hard work and dedication!

The comic pokes fun at many of the elements common to this kind of story: A legendary hero who seems to be less than willing, an Oracle who predicts the arrival of the hero... only to have her be laughably bad at her own job, cowardly knights, brave little sisters, amongst many other things.

Bear in mind, though, this is by no means an attack on such stories! It is a very affectionate parody on the theme, and one that is sure to bring smiles, and keep you coming back for more!

I honestly cannot do justice to this story, you have to go and read it yourself!

For a similar story of a hero who is to wander the world to defeat a great foe, look no further than Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

For another webcomic that also has furry protagonists on a quest of their own, although with a slightly darker tone, look towards Slightly Damned.

That is all for this week. I hope you enjoy your stay in Dreamside!

Have a great week!

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