Sunday, 14 September 2014

There are many things out there that don't follow the rules of nature

Greetings, dreamers!

Today I want to talk about a very peculiar thing that exists on the Internet.

The SCP Foundation.

This particular bit of the internet is a collection of documents, stories and reports from the fictitious SCP Foundation.

Originally starting from a creepypasta in 4chan describing The Sculpture, this has become a project written by a large group, and maintained in its own separate site, with very high standards for quality in narrative and cohesion to the rest of its fictional world, now having well over 2000 pages of interesting reading.

The SCP Foundation is a multinational secret organization devoted to finding, containing and studying objects, beings and phenomena that break the rules of nature (Namely, physics). Should any civilian find out, depending on how involved they were with the supernatural object they get a memory wipe, become members of the Foundation, or become test subjects.

The most interesting thing about the SCP Foundation is the fact that, even from the get go, they aren't good guys. At least not in the traditional sense. From human test subjects to willing sacrifice of groups of people for the greater good, they are far from squeaky clean. However, when compared with other groups in this fictional universe that also have an interest in the supernatural, they end up being the lesser and necessary evil, since they seek to protect the general populace from things that could kill them at best, erase existence as we know it at worst.

The bulk of what makes the SCP Foundation site is the actual list of the supernatural objects (or SCPs) that the Foundation has in their power (or has knowledge of). Each object is given a number, a classification depending on ease of containment (Safe, Euclid or Keter), containment procedures to keep the item from breaking free and causing damage, and a description of the item of its physical features (if it has a physical form) and what effects it has on the world.

Furthermore, some SCPs have extra content in the form of extra stories, which could be anything, from a test log to the narration of how the SCP was first captured and contained from the beginning.

On top of that, the original admins and writers of a good chunk of the first thousand or so SCPs have stories of their own about their characters; researchers, agents and admins inside of the Foundation, leading to a very large and overarching mythos. While it is true that the site itself says that "They have no canon", the stories still have merit for enriching the world and giving more of an insight of how the whole Foundation works.

I could go on, but really, nothing beats diving right in and reading some of these fascinating SCPs.

Personally, I recommend The Red Sea Object as a good starting point.

However, word of warning: the first 1000 SCPs tend to link to each other, so don't give up if an SCP mentions another number, just look it up and read it before continuing with the first one. Yes, that's a good way to have 20 tabs open for SCP Foundation text alone. But trust me, it's worth it.

For another story about a group that protects humans by keeping them in the dark about the general supernatural shenanigans, give Men In Black a try. Namely, the comics.

For ANOTHER story, only it is supernatural beings keeping other supernatural beings at bay, look into Hellboy.

I hope I've given you something interesting to read!

Have a great week, and keep on dreaming!

See you next week!


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