Friday, 18 July 2014

The monuments stand eternal

Hello, dreamers!

Today I've got a gorgeous iOS and Android game for you all:

Developed by ustwo, this is a game with beautiful sights, subtle yet touching soundtrack and a very interesting gameplay.

The wonders of the box
 In this game, you lead Ida, the silent princess, through what is described in the game as Monuments, beautiful pieces of architecture, in order to reach the pedestal at the end of the level.

The interesting part comes in when perspective tricks are used to join two platforms that aren't together, much in the way of the impossible geometry prevalent in M. C. Escher's art.

If it looks like a single platform, it functions as one.
Monument Valley has an aesthetic that combines the tropes After The End and Beautiful Void to create a truly gorgeous, and slightly melancholic, visual puzzle game.

The entrance to somewhere else, keep going down.
Truth is, the story is minimal in this game, implied at points and told in bits and pieces at others. This, however, just adds to the feel of the game, to that "lost yet with a purpose" feel that the main character seems to have.

I can't say much about this game, being a very visual experience, other than the fact that I recommend you try it as soon as you can. If not for the perspective puzzle aspect, just for the sake of its breathtaking visual and auditive art.

The bottom left vertex and the top right vertex are not connected by a single straight platform, but perspective makes them be such.
I feel that any description I made of this game wouldn't do it justice.

The only drawback I can think of is that the game is only 10 levels long, leaving me wanting more. However, rumor has it that there are more levels being made.

If that's true, I'm eager for more beautiful vistas!

For another game that uses clever perspective to create puzzles, try out

For PS3 and PSP
 That's all for today. I hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

Keep on dreaming!

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